Off Site Storage Facility
University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge Library determined a critical need for an off-site storage and archiving facility to ensure their continued ability to store materials in a controlled environment.

The extensive ware-house style building layout incorporates high-bay racking with guided aisles for truck access, along with associated amenities.

Designed by architects Saunders Boston, the client required stringent controls on internal temperature, air movement and air leakage due to the storage conditions needed for their printed materials.  This required our team to determine how the building structure could be engineered to achieve very low deflection, sway and thermal response performance criteria to ensure that the building envelope would achieve an overall air tightness of <1, which was a significant challenge given the internal volume of the building.

University of Cambridge
Saunders Boston
Structural Engineering Design
Civil Engineering Design
Material Engineering and Site Support
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