North Middlesex University Hospital Multi-Storey Car Park

The Client required the design and build of a new multi-storey car park (MSCP) for the re-provision of  lost car parking capacity and relocation of clinical, corporate, and administrative functions to an alternative location.  The nature of the hospital campus provided a very compact and highly constrained site on which to deliver the new MSCP.

Working collaboratively with the client’s consultant team during the early concept stage, we developed a design to create a 453 space car park over five levels, taking the initial concept design layout and improving parking efficiency (spaces per square metre), whilst reducing the overall structure by an entire floor level, providing opportunity to introduce a roof to ensure operational and maintenance costs are reduced for the client, whilst benefiting ecology and water quality.

Substantial complex enabling works were required to relocate existing surface water attenuation tanks that fell below the required MSCP footprint. Through collaboration with all parties our designs ensured that the hospital infrastructure remained lived throughout the project.

Our experience and expertise allowed our team to work closely with the contractor and the client’s cost managers to smoothly deliver the planning consent, whilst managing the design development within the client’s budget aspirations during a highly volatile period in the marketplace.

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
IBI Group (up to Stage 2)
Carter Design Group
Structural Engineering Design
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